Introduction of AHD Company in the Groupe CIF

Acieries Hachette et Driout has been a family Company since 1869, situated in Saint Dizier, Haute Marne, FRANCE.

AHD integrate the Groupe CIF at the end of 2016.

AHD supplies castings to three primary industrial markets :

- Energy, Pump and Valve Industries : We supply  castings for extraction, transportation  and refining of oil and gas, for sea water desalination applications and nuclear industry.

- Mining Extraction : AHD specializes in high mechanical stress steel castings, specifically cast for high tensile strength,  designed to be welded on very large raw material excavation machines.

- Railway industry : For  rail projects we produce volume runs of high grade castings used in high speed trains and trackway applications.

AHD castings range in weights from 100 kg ( 220 lbs )  up to 10 000 kg ( 22 000 lbs ). The materials are from single carbon steels up to high alloyed steels such as Stainless , Duplex and Super Duplex Steels . Two thirds of our production are finished machined parts in our machining facility . Over 50 % of our production is exported to one of the 5 continents . Acieries Hachette et Driout is on a continual international development.

To produce yearly around  12 000 metric tons of Casting  , we employ 500 people recruited locally, in our region which is historically connected to the Foundry Industry .

Since 2009 AHD has begun a massive reinvestment policy into the existing company, leading to the building of three new state of the art steel foundries, the first opened in 2009, the second end of 2013 , and the third to be opened at the end of 2014. This investment recognizes that AHD, to sustain its position as one of the best steel foundries in the world, has to modernize and when new technology is demanded, build suitable foundries to utilize that technology to the best effect.


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