Synergy and complementarity of six companies


Production plants




At the heart of industrial Europe



Bolstered by a history spanning over 100 years and involving the greatest names in French and European industry, Groupe CIF now consists of 6 companies, all of which have their production sites located in the industrial basins of the North-East of France, in the Ruhr Valley in Germany, and on the banks of the Escaut River in Belgium.


Capabilities by company site




Machining and cutting resources




Groupe CIF has within its facilities over 200 machine tools available for rough- and finish- machining and gear cutting.  Through ongoing upgrades, over half of the machine tools employed are CNC-equipped.

In addition, the duplication of certain production capabilities in a number of Groupe CIF plants provides a high level of reliability and flexibility.

Our extensive experience and the multiple capabilities of our various sites enable us to fully meet our customers’ technical, quality and delivery needs.