Safety Environment

Recognized and certified skills


iso9001newThe Groupe CIF is one of the first organizations to receive ISO9001 multi-site certification, version 2015, by LRQA.




The respect of individuals is a central tenet of Groupe CIF’s organizational policies, and it is within this context that we develop our operations in a responsible and ethical manner, and maintain safe and secure work environments in all of our production sites.

Our industrial activities are driven by a focus on continuous improvement in the areas of quality, health and safety, environmental and energy management, and we encourage all of our stakeholders to be active participants in this approach with all of our companies.





Everyday, we try to integrate Safety  from a permanent evaluation of the risks.

We lead reflections and actions in a preventive approach. We try to improve and to bring the necessary means to prevent the risks. We aim at respecting the regulations in force and at decreasing ceaselessly the exposure level at the risks.

So our prevention initiatives carry first and foremost on:
· the raising awareness to the risks
· the evaluation and the analysis of the risks
· the implementation of actions of improvement and their follow-ups
· the respect for best practice to insure the level of efficiency and conformity





We adapt our tools and our methods so as to prevent any nuisances, in particular regarding:
· waste management
· prevention of air emissions
· water pollution master rejections discharges

We give responsibilities each of our collaborators to the environment by communications actions, motivation and training.

Today, the fight against pollution of the air and the water, the limitation of the noise pollutions and the waste management, lean more and more on the reduction of the impacts to the source by the use of appropriate and sober techniques, but when one needs, processings at the end of line come to correct the effects unwanted.