Designer of standard and custom gearboxes


ermasterGroupe CIF’s companies are renowned for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the products they supply, in large part due to their teams of engineers, experts in product design and performance evaluations extensively supported by finite element analysis.

 Groupe CIF’s design departments provide solutions to customers’ requirements, whether through the optimization of the selection of a standard gear reducer, or by developing custom product designs to suit an end-user’s specific needs.



Worm gearing / Rotor screws



Groupe CIF designs and manufactures worm gear sets in an extensive range of sizes and ratios, for torque transmission applications up to 3000 KNm.


Worm wheels, within a diameter range of 50 to 3000 mm, are made from centrifugally-cast bronze, or bronze overlaid onto high-performance steel hubs.


Worm screws, up to a diameter of 420 mm, are made from induction-hardened or case-carburized steel.